Thank you for choosing Restorative Therapeutics. If you decide to receive Restorative Wellness consultation and/or Neurofeedback training these policies will guide our work together.


1. Fees are due at time of service. Fees are paid at each session or in advance. No insurance is accepted. A receipt can be given upon request for you to seek reimbursement. There may be special discounts available for pre-payment of blocks of Neurofeedback sessions. These pre-payments are not refundable, but may be transfered by mutual agreement. Please note however, it is always Restorative Therapeutics decision whether to accept a particular individual for training and consultation, or not.


2. Neurofeedback session length is about 40-50 minutes, so you will typically be in and out within the hour. Additional consultation time is an additional fee, billed in 10 minute increments.  It is not a problem if you arrive late, but the session will need to finish at its appointed time. We will work with you to provide the maximum training time we can in the time we have. 


3. 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of your session we ask you to be financially responsible for the session. This means you need to call at least 24 hours before the start of the session (not the night before) to not incur charges. While we feel personally sympathetic to issues that can arise, please consider your booking like a concert ticket. Feel free to use it or not, as supports your best interests at the time. Special consideration may be made for illness/emergencies.


4. Cost of Clinic Services (Home and hospital visits are subject to different fees). Please contact us to discuss current fees, packages, and possible specials.  Credit cards are accepted .  Initial Neurofeedback sessions are longer and subject to additional fees. Home and hospital visits are subject to different fees.


5.  Work with your physician.  Please be aware all clients of Restorative Therapeutics are required to be working with a physician.  Neurofeedback training has the capacity to potentiate (make more effective) medications.  Please inform your doctor and adjust your medications accordingly, as directed by your physician. Restorative Therapeutics, upon your request,  will provide a letter you may give to your doctor explaining how neurofeedback may potentiate medicines.

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