Homeopathy is a non-toxic, well-proven system of medicine using microdoses of natural substances to stimulate the body's inherent healing mechanisms. Recent research demonstrates its effectiveness and relates homeopathy with nanopharmacology. Check out the National Center for Homeopathy  to learn more.


Homeopathic remedies are gentle, safe for babies, children, adults, elderly and animals. Homeopathy works on similar principles as acupuncture – without the needles. For short term acute conditions as well as longer term chronic problems homeopathy is a potent adjunctive therapy to other nutritional, supplemental and “functional” medicine healing modalities.


An initial consultation is between 30 minutes to 2-hours depending on the complexity of the condition. For those suffering from chronic and degenerative challenges a thorough conversation, covering all aspects of the health history, and the physical, nutritional, mental and emotional aspects of your life, is conducted. This helps the practitioner to understand the patterns, subtleties and “keynotes” of the imbalances so that a well-selected homeopathic remedy may be suggested. 


Clients feel deeply heard and understood after this uniquely comprehensive intake.



“The nutrition counseling and homeopathy took my joint pain away. Now I can work in the garden and walk my dog without needing pain medicine.”

C.P., Bellingham WA

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