Magnificent Magnesium!

If there were only three supplements I could recommend to support your supreme health, Magnesium would be one of them (along with iodine and probiotics). Magnesium participates in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, such as: regulating heart rhythm, bone mineralization, muscular relaxation, immune function, nerve impulse transmission. Enzymes allow the cells to undergo hundreds of life-giving reactions and without Magnesium, enzymes would be disabled.

Magnesium is crucial and most of us don’t get enough from our diet. Magnesium is synonymous with Green! Try increasing your intake of green leafy vegetables. Magnesium content is high in many seeds, fish, molasses and some whole grains. Supplementing with enough Magnesium is difficult for some people due to its laxative effect. Topical Magnesium is one way to bypass the gut.

But how much Magnesium do you need? It varies from person to person. Rather than taking a handful of supplements each day that you’re not really certain are necessary, come in for a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to determine your exact mineral levels. The hair tells the story of what’s going on in the tissues of your body. In some cases folks are over-supplementing for some minerals (commonly seen with calcium) and under-supplementing others – like Magnesium!

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