Ease for ADHD

Does a child you know struggle with:

  • Obsessive/Compulsive behaviors (OCD)?

  • Attention, Focus or Anger issues?

  • Social interactions with peers?

  • Noisy places or Mealtimes?

  • Impulsivity, Distractability, Confidence?

Many kids labeled as having sensory disorders or AD(H)D and other diagnoses may have differences in their neuro network feedback loops. Neurofeedback can improve the efficiency of those differences, strengthen the ability to focus and reduce symptoms .

Often what’s happening is their sensitivity (or empathic aptitude) leaves them vulnerable to many of the stimuli adults have accommodated, entrained to or at least dynamically ignore.

Check out a great book, Would You Teach A Fish To Climb A Tree? to gain a deeper understanding of these magical kids and learn tools for more positive engagement and ease.

Often the children given the labels (and the pharmaceuticals) are subtlely tuned-in and have high emotional intelligence. Yet the modern world “blows them away” neurologically and sensorily. They cannot relate to the incredible insanity they encounter physically, energetically and relationally.

Working with kids who have these evolved awareness levels requires a spacious allowance for what they know and how they are experiencing their world.

Tip: Want to know a miraculous shortcut to help address the “overload” and reduce distress?

Neurofeedback is an efficient and gentle way for kids to effortlessly develop more stability, focus, ease and ability to interface successfully with the modern world. Check out the Neurofeedback, Kids & Teens, and Resources sections at Restorative Therapeutics for more info on Neurofeedback and how it can help.

At Restorative Therapeutics we have state-of-the-art Neurofeedback equipment and sessions are affordable

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