Relief for 'Chemo-Brain' + Neuropathy

Memory lapses, loss of coping skills, nerve damage and poor concentration are common side-effects from chemotherapy. "Chemo fog" also causes sleep disturbance, mood instability and emotional 'funk'.

Brain-training - neurofeedback - helps lift the cognitive cloud and restore mental clarity. For those with burning, tingling and nerve pain since chemo, neurofeedback is an effective, drug-free solution.

More than 80 percent of chemotherapy patients report annoying symptoms that often linger for years. This phenomenon - postcancer cognitive impairment (PCCI) - is reversible and regaining brain health is only a matter of training the brain to fire and rewire more efficiently with neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback - an effortless brain training system - has a proven track-record of helping relieve PCCI and chemo-induced nerve pain.

"In a study published in the journal Clinical Breast Cancer, investigators report that those who used a brain-training program for 12 weeks were more cognitively flexible, more verbally fluent, and faster-thinking than survivors who did not train."

Chemotherapy also commonly induces nerve damage, burning, tingling - and studies show Neurofeedback reduces pain and increases quality of life significantly. A study by Anderson Cancer Center concludes:

"Chemotherapy-induced neuropathy is very common in cancer patients and there is currently only one medication approved to treat it. I'm encouraged to see the significant improvements in patient's quality of life after Neurofeedback treatment. This treatment is customized to the individual, and is relatively inexpensive, non-invasive and non-addictive."


At Restorative Therapeutics & Neurofeedback we have state-of-the-art Neurofeedback technology and sessions are enjoyable and affordable.

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