Overcome Cravings, Effortlessly

Eating when you're not hungry? Craving sugar? Consuming alcohol and other substances regularly that harm your health?


That unhelpful advice - to just stop - is like telling someone who is depressed to just cheer up. Our brains get stuck in a rut and habitual behavior persists even as we resist unless we retrain the brain to fire and re-wire with more stable patterns that unhook us from the addictive behavior.

Neurofeedback inhibits the unstable brainwaves associated with addiction, cravings, impulsivity and distractability...and enhances those associated with focus, resilience, resolve, patience and ease.

Neurofeedback is successfully being used by addiction treatment centers. Some facilities using this therapy for addicts report relapse rates as low as 25%. Among traditional addiction therapy participants, relapse occurs in closer to 75%. This is impressive and compelling for anyone struggling with substance abuse and addiction issues.

Neurofeedback success stories for AD(H)D, Addiction, Brain injuries, Epilepsy, Anxiety, PTSD, headaches are popping up everywhere in medical journals, and Neurofeedback is covered by most insurances. Try it, you have everything to gain when you train your brain. Call Restorative Therapeutics to schedule a trial session.

Train Your Brain ~ Change Your Life

Try a deeply relaxing and restorative brain-training session.

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