Anxiety Relief - 5 Steps

Anxiety is a most disempowering condition that may be mild or progress to the point where it hollows you out to a shell of your former self.

And it can be scary.

When you feel unstable riding the waves of life and are in a semi-constant state of overwhelm - which leads to avoidance and self-doubt - a downward spiraling can throw life off course and create chaos upon the health of the body, mind and spirit.

Here’s my tried and true roadmap for children and adults with anxiety who recovered using these 5 strategies:

  1. Enhance gut health and you will enhance overall health. There are more neurotransmitters in your gut than in the brain and they affect mood, sleep, central nervous system function

  2. Clean up your diet - remove processed foods, refined sugar and food triggers that may be contributing to inflammation and irritation.

  3. Supplements such a Selenium, probiotics, B Vitamins and Magnesium may be helpful. Consult a practitioner familiar with natural therapies who can recommend specific dietary guidelines and a protocol of supplementation that is right for you

  4. Employ calming techniques including breathwork and simple mindfulness practices. This does not have to mean spending long periods of time on a meditation cushion. 3 mindful breaths is a meditation!

  5. Neurofeedback. Calm the nervous system and retrain the brain with Neurofeedback to inhibit the negative neuronal feedback loops that cause anxious states to intensify and persist

Neurofeedback training is essential for anxiety sufferers because it helps to re-set the nervous system at the source….the brain. Wishing you ease smooth sailing.


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