You're not alone in your politics-induced stress. I've seen a stream of clients with anxiety and/or depression related to the blast of daily news about the new administration.

In 17 years as a clinician I've never seen such a huge uptick in stress levels.

...Widespread and no end in sight.

If you're having trouble sleeping, focusing at work, are fighting more with friends and family, if you're feeling depressed, distracted, drained, low libido - consider giving yourself the gift of Neurofeedback to self-correct and get your brain and nervous system back on track and able to optimize for peak performance.

Neurofeedback, or “brain-training”, is a gentle, drug-free, no side effects therapy that optimizes your brainwave activity to give you more ease. Brain training interrupts negative neuronal feedback loops that keep our brains on a hampster-wheel of repetitive thinking, negativity, anxiety. By prompting the brain to “fire and wire” more efficiently you experience greater focus, resilience, improved memory, and are able to function at peak performance levels.

Its effortless. All you do is lay down listening to transcendent music while hooked up to a “read only” EEG that’s sensing the electrical activity in the brain. Your brain receives information about what its doing and self-corrects (no electrical stimulation involved)

SPECIAL OFFER. During the month of March 2-for-1

Bring a buddy or child who is new to brain training and the 2nd person is free!

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