Drug-free ADHD + Autism Help

Neurofeedback is regarded by the American Academy of Pediatrics as an evidence-based therapy for ADHD and there is growing research on its positive effects on symptoms of autism spectrum disorders.

Kids and families benefit from Neurofeedback, or 'brain training' as the kiddos progress and demonstrate:

Less Reactivity

Better communication skills

Improved social interactions

Reduced hyper-sensitivity to noise and other stimulation

Less distractibility and impulsivity

Increased focus and calmness

Less aggression and acting-out

Improved mood stability

How does it work?

Neurofeedback triggers the brain to create more optimized, organized, stable and efficient brainwave patterns. This is known as 'neuroplasticity' = the brain's ability to self-correct and heal

What's great about Neurofeedback is that there are no side-effects, its a drug-free therapy that's non-invasive, gentle, its even safe for babes and toddlers. Most medications just treat some symptoms but do not correct the source of the problem in the brain.

During a session kids play, read, or draw as the neurofeedback is delivered auditorily through calming music. Kids love it!

If a child you know is diagnosed with behavioral, learning or neurodevelopmental disorders, please call for more info and a free 15-minute consultation - you can look forward to more ease and an optimized brain.

"In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy as neurofeedback it would be universally accepted and widely used."

Dr. Frank Duffy, MD

Pediatric Neurologist, Harvard Medical School


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