It's Time for An Optimized Brain

Feel foggy in the head? Emotionally volatile? Forgetful? Anxious?

Your brain has the ability to self-organize and self-correct for optimal function...this is called Neuroplasticity

Neurofeedback or 'brain training' interrupts negative neuronal feedback loops that make us feel stuck in a prison of unhelpful patterns of thinking, perceiving and behaving.

Neurofeedback is a drug-free and side-effect free way to strengthen your brain, mood and performance!

Neurofeedback triggers the brain to be more stable, organized, optimized and less turbulent which results in feeling more focused, calm, less easily agitated and more content.

February is 2-for-1 month. Bring a friend or family member (who is new to Restorative Therapeutics & Neurofeedback, Inc.) and pay for only one person. ($105 value) Call/text 360.752.2111



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