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5 Brain Hacks to Eliminate Anxiety Without Leaving Home

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Brain scientists recently discovered that the brain can change and heal itself and reset brainwaves for the 'relaxation response' or the 'rest and digest' response - they call it 'neuroplasticity'. Neurofeedback triggers your brains' drugs, no side-effects.

Signs of increased stress:

  • Poor sleep. Difficulty falling or staying asleep or feeling unrefreshed or anxious in the morning.

  • Easily triggered, snapping at people unexpectedly.

  • Overeating, overdrinking, and making poor food choices.

  • Difficulty focusing and relaxing. Restlessness.

  • Catastrophic thinking. 

  • Panic attacks, racing heart, obvious anxiety.

5 Brain Hacks for eliminating anxiety

  1. Brain Training with Neurofeedback. Our brains get stuck in reaction patterns that are not appropriate to what's happening in "the here-and-now", neuroscientists refer to this as negative neuronal feedback loops. Fear and anxiety become habitual, especially now, after months of fear-inducing headlines and people struggling to find their resilient, rational selves. Brain training with neurofeedback (at home or in the clinic) re-architects brainwaves for calm, resilience and peak performance. It allows you to effortlessly reduce or eliminate panic, insomnia, overreactivity, distractibility, the tendency obsess, forget, regret, and it often helps with addiction, PTSD, ADHD and more.  Worried about coming into the clinic? Click here for information about Renting your own neurofeedback machine state-of-the-art technology with the expertise "built-in" so its as effective as clinical neurofeedback sessions but with a simple "plug and play" interface for simple, effective brain optimization.  

  2. Healthy Gut - Stress creates corrosive chemistry in the gut which negatively impacts your immune system, digestion, hormonal function and sleep. Schedule a consult with Carolyn for a customized gut-help program that will work for you. Call or text (360) 752-2111.‬

  3. Sleep - Good sleep is critical to your good health.  Turn off electronics at least one-hour before bedtime, make sure the room is very dark, go to sleep at about the same time each night, 

  4. Connection - A bit harder these days... but worth the effort to connect with friends on a regular basis.

  5. Movement/Exercise - Helps everything!  Try this FREE 15-minute gentle Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) daily energy boosting routine

In my 22 years of holistic clinical work I have not found an approach to helping anxiety that is as effective as neurofeedback. Neurofeedback can be done in my clinic or at home with the same high-quality results at home. Rental machines and clinic appointments are now available. Call or text (360) 752-2111 or go to our website at for more information.


Restorative Therapeutics & Neurofeedback, Inc.

Carolyn Hallett, JD  CCH

Board Certified Homeopath 

Neurofeedback Practitioner 

1118 Finnegan Way, Suite 102, Bellingham WA  98225


Neurofeedback ~ Train Your Brain, Change Your Life

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