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"Carolyn: I can't wait for my next appointment - I've waited for 50 years to experience this kind of calmness in my body and mind. It's true...if this treatment could be produced by a pharmaceutical company, it would fly off the shelves in minutes. As an RN for many years, I'm aware of the suffering that people experience and can only wish and pray that they find someone like you to lead them to their own healing. "Thank you" seems empty in comparison to the gratefulness I feel."

(B.G., Bellingham, WA)

"Carolyn has a relaxed, compassionate, and intuitive approach to care. She has a diversity of skills that she uses to create a collaborative healing experience. Neurofeedback is an amazing treatment that continued to work well after I received just one treatment. I recommend Carolyn wholeheartedly." 

(Dr.Chris Adams MD, Seattle, WA)


“Carolyn's advice was the missing piece of the puzzle in making a full recovery from pneumonia. After several rounds of antibiotics, my gut health was shot and developed into GERD. I saw improvement within a week of her care. She is wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a higher quality of life.”  

(N.C. Bellingham, WA)


“Carolyn is a caring, professional provider. I learn something new each time I am with Carolyn and I feel she provides a great health service to our community.”  

(Tracy, Bellingham WA)


“Carolyn has a broad knowledge of natural healing modalities. I have healed long-standing autoimmune issues under her care.”  

(Joan, Mount Vernon, WA)​

"Words alone cannot express what working with Carolyn has done for my life. My anxiety levels have dropped by at least 75% and working with my OCD, the challenges last only about 10% of the time they did before starting. Working with Carolyn and neurofeedback has given me a new outlook on life and that is not saying it lightly. Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with her. It will change your life." 

(S.A., Bellingham)

"Carolyn is very knowledgeable and caring. She demonstrates amazing intuition and always makes the patient feel comfortable and heard. I would definitely recommend her for neurofeedback treatments. They are doing wonders for me." 

(Alissa, Bellingham, WA)

“Carolyn is very professional and a fully present and compassionate listener. She also provides a space that feels warm, welcoming, safe, and ideal for allowing healing. She provides a wide range of healing options, and so far, I have experienced the neurofeedback, which is not only very effective but also very enjoyable.” 

(N.S.  Everson, WA)

“I have nothing but lovely things to say about Carolyn! I always feel taken care of, listened to, and appropriately treated. She helped me rise out of a really unhealthy time for my body. I notice progress every time I get treatment.”  

(C.W., Bow, WA)

“Carolyn is an exceptional Homeopath. She has helped me and my family countless times. The average American just doesn't realize the power of Homeopathy and the scope of conditions it addresses....everything, it addresses everything...mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Carolyn's honest desire to help her patients and get "to the bottom" of the problem is commendable.” 

(Margaret, Bellingham, WA)

“Carolyn greatly helped my aging father and I for almost two years. She is an attentive listener with thoughtful advice and suggestions. A real gem.” 

(Mike, Huntsville, AL)

“Carolyn has a broad base of experience and knowledge. She never stops learning and seeking even greater understanding of how to support her clients. She listens with a compassionate heart. Her office is a peaceful healing environment, I feel deeply supported by her presence, skill and expertise.” 

(A.L., Ferndale, WA)

“Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping others improve their health. I appreciated her getting me on the right course of action and it was clear that my overall health improved from listening to her suggestions.” 

(H.H., Olympia, WA)

"I just wanted my migraines to go away. They did....and then some! My energy level increased, thinning hair got thicker, cold feet got warm and my sex drive returned - more than I bargained for!" 

(R.B., Mt. Vernon, WA)

Bellingham, Washington

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