We get disturbed by illness and disrupted by emotional funk and mental fog when the body has too many toxins and not enough nutrients.


Restorative Wellness is functional, personalized wellness care that addresses the underlying causes of whatever is disturbing you by strengthening the natural healing mechanisms of the body. Each individual’s unique biochemistry, inherited tendencies, lifestyle and symptomatology are considered - then an individually tailored, integrative wellness plan is created.


The body can become stuck in a damaging cycle of adrenal insufficiency, immune system overload, impaired digestion, hormonal dysregulation, inflammation and thyroid abnormalities. This dysfunction is what underlies most illness.


By shifting away from the traditional disease-centered focus Restorative Wellness implements strategies that allow the body to come back to balance, vitality and a state of thriving well-being without drugs or surgery.  


Restorative Wellness uses a systems-oriented, holistic approach to restoring optimal function. This is a quantum leap in the healing arts that improves the quality of care, outcomes and overall wellness.




Would you like to wake refreshed, have sustained energy, clarity of mind, joyful outlook, efficient elimination, clear skin and the absence of pain and disease?


Rather than “treating” the disease with pharmaceuticals the focus of Restorative Wellness is to optimize your capacity to heal and self-regulate.  Our work together is aimed to restore your own ability to make healthy cells, reverse inflammation, and restore wellness.


Working in conjunction with your physician, comprehensively addressing all symptoms, and proactively being guided by your health goals we restore the body’s ability to prevent and reverse disease.

By addressing the root causes of disease, rather than taking a drug for your symptoms, true healing occurs and well-being arises.

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