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Neurofeedback for the Whole Family

"My son's paralyzing anxiety resolved with Neurofeedback, his self-confidence
and ability to focus are greatly enhanced. I want to shout-out from the rooftops
about this incredible technology"
(Marilyn G.)


Boy using Neurofeedback

In-office Neurofeedback

Plants representing health

Restorative Wellness

Welcome to Restorative Therapeutics. Restoring vitality using state-of-the-art technology and natural approaches that work to stimulate your body's innate healing drugs, no side-effects. We use Neurofeedback to optimize the brain, homeopathy to strengthen immunity, and holistic approaches to balancing body chemistry so systemic wellness occurs.


If you're not here in Bellingham or simply want more Neurofeedback time, remember to check our Neurofeedback Rentals page where, for a reasonable price, you can rent

a machine for as long as you like for you, or your entire family to use. 



"Carolyn has a relaxed, compassionate and intuitive approach to care. She has a diversity of skills that she uses to create a collaborative healing experience. Neurofeedback is an amazing treatment that continued to work well after I received treatment. I recommend Carolyn wholeheartedly." 


Dr.Chris Adams MD, Seattle, WA


Meet Carolyn Hallett, JD, CCH

Restorative Wellness Specialist

I have been in practice since becoming nationally Board Certified in 2000 (CCH). The clinic is in Bellingham, WA and I do distance consultations by telephone or web audio-video conferencing.  

Neurofeedback is a primary modality used -please see the Neurofeedback section of this website to learn more about how this breakthrough technology will transform your brain health, mood, performance, sleep and set you up for peak performance in life.

Neurofeedback equipment is available for rent to be used at home.  Restorative Wellness consultations and neurofeedback sessions for up to 3 people simultaneously are available 6 days per week in the clinic. 


Free 15 minute consultation, call or text anytime 360.752.2111

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Meet Carolyn
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