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Brain Health at Home for the Whole Family

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

STRENGTHEN YOUR BRAIN WITH NEUROFEEDBACK AT HOME!  You work-out for a strong heart and muscles, but how are you strengthening your brain? NO NEED TO GO TO AN OFFICE WHEN YOU CAN GET THE SAME HIGH QUALITY RESULTS AT HOME Neurofeedback is a breakthrough technology for reducing stress, anxiety/panic, insomnia and optimizing brain function.     • Calms the central nervous system    • Enhances focus    • Reduces reactivity    • Improves sleep    • A great intervention for anxiety, trauma, impulsivity, mood instability NEUROFEEDBACK AT HOME You can do Neurofeedback at home with one of our rental systems...where you get the same advanced technology and high quality results and it's more convenient and less expensive. The expertise is built-in to the equipment which uses real-time EEG technology and state-of-the-art neurofeedback.  Your brainwave activity is being monitored (256 times per second!) and gently becomes more stable, efficient, optimized.  Or come in to the clinic for a full-service 'brain-training' experience where you (or several family members simultaneously) can receive 'brain training' sessions*       • Simple set-up you will learn from me plus receive a step-by-step        video (5 minutes long) showing sensor placement      • Fully automated for quality training every time      • Economical and family-friendly: multiple people can use the system for convenient whole family brain optimization.       *No side effects - so gentle even babies can do it NEUROFEEDBACK COST & RENTAL PACKAGES Choose between three monthly plans. Extend as long as you wish and upgrade /downgrade as you go along! Includes everything you need to train your brain at home. Pick up for free or have it shipped for a flat rate.  PERSONAL PLAN: *$660/month Includes 12 sessions $55 per session Ideal for one person training 3 sessions per week. Additional sessions used are $40 each, billed upon return.


FAMILY PLAN: *$880/month Includes 22 sessions  $40 per session Ideal for a family or those who would like to do more than three sessions per week. Additional sessions used are $25 each, billed upon return.


UNLIMITED PLAN: *$990/month Unlimited Sessions  $33 per day. Train up to 5 people* best-value Ideal for those who are training multiple people. *If more than 5 people there is an additional $75/month charge Have questions?

Restorative Therapeutics & Neurofeedback, LLC Carolyn Hallett, JD  CCH Board Certified Homeopath and Neurofeedback Specialist 1118 Finnegan Way, Suite 102 Bellingham WA  98225 360.752.2111

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