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Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Introduce a friend to Neurofeedback

Bring a friend* for free to your next session

Offer good through April 30, 2022

*Offer valid only for new clients

We exercise for body fitness, but what do you do to strengthen and optimize your brain?

Neurofeedback is like fitness training for the brain, making it more focused, flexible, resilient and calm. A great stress management tool and sleep optimizer. It's the best anxiety-hack on the planet. Non-invasive + effective.

Check out the buzz. Over120 patient reviews here:

Carolyn Hallett | Bellingham, WA | Healthgrades

Call, text, or email for an appointment today. ______________________________________________________________

Restorative Therapeutics & Neurofeedback, Inc. Carolyn Hallett, JD CCH Board Certified Homeopath + Neurofeedback Practitioner 1118 Finnegan Way, Suite 102, Bellingham WA 98225 360.752.2111 ______________________________________________________________ Neurofeedback ~ Train Your Brain, Change Your Life

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