Head Injuries/Concussions

Updated: Apr 22

by Carolyn Hallett

Head injuries happen.

Most people recover well from mild hits to the head, and also from traumatic brain injuries (tbi's) - but for some, the injury is more serious and symptoms can last for weeks and months.

Feeling "slowed down"

Foggy thinking

Sensitivity to noise/light



Discomfort looking at computer screens

Difficulty remembering things

Difficult concentration

Blurry vision

Irritability/More emotional

Neurofeedback often helps relieve symptoms of TBI's.*

First thing I recommend if you have incurred a possible head injury is to have a doctor check you out. Also, homeopathic Arnica never hurts and may help. And doing some Neurofeedback therapy may be just the ticket to re-establishing more stable, optimized, organized and efficient brainwave activity to help you recover.

*An Overview of the Use of Neurofeedback Biofeedback for the Treatment of Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury in Military and Civilian Populations (nih.gov)

*Thatcher, R. (2000). EEG operant conditioning (biofeedback) and traumatic brain injury. Clinical Electroencephalography, 31, 38-44.


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