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Relieve Anxiety Without Drugs

Anxiety is a most disempowering condition that may be mild or progress to the point where it hollows you out and steals away quality of life. And it can be scary.

Neurofeedback calms the nervous system by reducing the perception of triggering stimuli - allowing the brain to 'fire and rewire" with an increased sense of clarity, calm and reduced reactivity.

When you feel unstable riding the waves of life and experience circumstantial or semi-constant overwhelm - which leads to avoidance and self-doubt - a downward spiraling can throw life off course and have a negative effect on overall health, brain function, sleep, hormones and immune system function.  

Neurofeedback, or 'brain training', re-sets anxious, fear-driven brain function by prompting the brain to create more optimized, efficient, stable brainwave activity = Neuroplasticity. 

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to self-correct and heal.

Call to schedule a FREE 15 minute Neurofeedback consultation and evaluation.   Its an effective, drug-free alternative that gets to the source of the problem with no adverse side-effects.  


Check out the 84 client testimonials/surveys at the Health Grades website:

Restorative Therapeutics & Neurofeedback, Inc.

Carolyn Hallett, JD  CCH

Board Certified Homeopath 

Neurofeedback Practitioner 

1118 Finnegan Way, Suite 102, Bellingham WA  98225


"Train Your Brain, Reclaim Your Life"

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